Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sent! Received!

No, I take it back. Letters from Spain might take 3 days to arrive abroad (within Europe), but postcards can also be lost. Louise is my least luckily receiver. 2/3 of what I sent went missing. I shall start photograph it all as a backup. A sent photo of a sent postcard, a new paradox!..
Feliz Navidad as a puzzle to some old colleagues. 
Inside: detailed information about the Nobel festivities you will not find on the news!
And Swedish stamps I have not seen before.
The fellow teachers and the headmistress from my school in Cehegín suddenly wished me a Merry Christmas with a golden bird :)
Sun, blue sky and a glimpse of a Casino. All in Murcia, sent to a snowy, cold Stockholm to cheer people up.
 A jungle that actually fit in an envelope.
Big square in Madrid I have visited and two towers I have passed by. The other cities, Toledo and Segovia  (by the way - similar to the fictional name Genovia in the Princess Diary movies), are in prospect.
Hello from a cabin in Slovenia.
Neigh from Sweden.
And some Christmas antigravity.

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