Saturday, 3 December 2016

My new words as of 2016, part III

Ryttla (swe.) - what the colibri does with its wings: flapping very quickly.

Lacuna - a gap or a cavity.

Life hack - trick that makes life easier, say how to pack a bag cleverly or how to become more effective in the mornings.

Bestickning (swe) - bribe.

Welschmertz - the feeling you have when the world is not the happy place you imagined it to be

Eve teasing - public sexual harassment.

Gäris (swe) - a woman who does not identify herself as heterosexual.

Whitewashing - censorship, often to cover up mistakes or glorify results. Applied by some governments, for example.

Mukbang - eating in front of a camera (live, but not necessarily) so that lonely people around the world have you as dinner companion. There are some Korean eating superstars that do this for a living.

Mulesing - cutting the tail off lambs (done for instance in Australia) to avoid invasion of larvae in its wool. Done without anaesthesia.

Tether - sharing the phone's mobile data with another device.

Desinformation - a fact that is a lie.

Social housing - houses reserved for people with a particularly low income. 

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