Monday, 26 December 2016

List of stuff from 2016

What I did but had never done before:
Took harp classes. In French. My fingertips are getting a harder skin now and I am getting better at reading scores.

Attended a Spanish wedding. And I wanted to go to one for a very long time! How I got invited is a very nice story, I can tell you when we meet.

Saw a Spanish monologue at the theatre. Without knowing enough Spanish, but it was a great actor and I met the crew behind the whole thing: I went with them to the theatre by car and helped them to put together the things on the stage afterwards.

Saw a comet. Unplanned and sudden and very, very nice. Looks like a luminiscent movement of a paintbrush that dissolves into thin air, leaving you in an amazed state, wondering what just happened.

Almost designed my own dress.
Turns out that the parts on prom dresses seem to be "just wrapping fabrics" are the hardest to make.

Recorded a song I had written the lyrics and notes to.
The composing took ten minutes altogether, the recording and practicing several hours - for a song that is 44 seconds.

Wrote more postcards and letters in a year than ever before. I really have to make my own international card collection now, it is indeed time for that.

Rented a house just for me.
And built up two gardens, at the inner yard and on the terrace. (This does not mean that all plants survived). Decorated indoors with prints and outdoors with colourful bars. The view is both mountains at a distance and cute houses everywhere. So cool to have a house: more places where to lose your belongings, but also better insight into how architecture and housing engineering works.

Countries visited:
The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Germany (Berlin and Potsdam)
Spain (Murcia, Madrid, Alicante, Málaga, Granada, Cartagena, Caravaca de la cruz, Granada, La Manga, Los Alcazares, San Javier and some more) 

How did the goals for 2016 go?
I started playing the harp, learned some Spanish (I abandoned Arabic quite early, which was a vague plan initially). I didn't even think of the art exhibition properly, but was creative in many other ways. I did go to unvisited countries! But did not start to write the essay for a competition - I am contemplating interesting topics still, and write many other kinds of texts. As for my wishes for the world - nurses still have low salaries and economic bubbles still not gone.

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