Wednesday, 7 December 2016

I make my own harp.

That could be a metaphor. It isn't! I actually made one. I checked this image to make sure I remembered it right. Here you go, image source. 
 First, I thought I could use this frame. When I looked at the other side, I decided that NO WAY. I want to actually use this (right now) empty canvas for stuff later, so opening this up AND put it back looked like too much hassle. All I need is to practice the position of the strings, sound is irrelevant - so the frame plan gone, what could I use instead?
 So I walked around in the house for a bit. Do you see what I see? POTENTIAL. 
 Didn't even take an hour! Look at the do, I even got the colours right. The fa is less evident; I had to wrap the blue in a thinner, black, thread. Well. I can tell the difference when I clutch the harp.
 Won't disturb any neighbours either.
Have you been creative lately?

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