Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Spanish Wedding in December.

Let me also introduce: my new camera, at your service! Well. The instruction manual is long and time short, so some photos are not PURE joy, but image it as if you were there and enjoyed the moment more than the lens.
We gathered in a small village near Cartagena. A "morning wedding" here means that is will not be very cold and the dresscode directs dressess to be short(er).
 The church was perfectly small, you could see everybody except the choir and vice versa. Ceremony quite similar to the Swedish. My favourite part was when the couple's friends brought various objects to the altar: an actual keyboard "for good communication", and "for humour", the red noses of a clown.
 At the exit, one could pick a golden bag with rice from two baskets. 
 Mucha suerte! 
 The pre-reception took place at a place known as the botanical garden.
 In the middle of everything, on the lawn, a lady was cutting a huge ham and a mister frying eggs that were served directly. And look, tables with our names! I was seated at mesa 11, spelled as Iana. 
Then we went inside for a lunch that would last for surely three hours. Followed by a dinner, followed by a barbecue.
On my left was a young woman with great future plans.
"El novio, el novio..." but then the others stand up: "La novia, la novia..!"
I of course didn't sit still for all those hours. I explored the area and found out that there was room for two more simultaneous wedding celebrations. 
Actually, let's have a better look at my dress. It matches my eyes very well.
A Medieval fairy with a mermaid's shell handbag. Dragonfly green meets algae, no?
"Sea shadow", maybe.
More of the wedding guests walked around. Love men that are dressed up.
And back to indoors! Here is another lady's bag. Many bonus points for looking capacious - most party bags were invented before the size of a mobile phone became established standard.
The groom's youngest sister also had her 23rd birthday this very day, so the couple celebrated her with cake. Good photo, no? You will never recognize them in town and yet have a clue about how lovely the circumstances were.

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