Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A little bit of yesterday.

Insurance meeting, ringing the door bell of a friend's friend's girlfriend to give her a birthday gift, returning and buying a shelf - and then a quick lunch at one of my favourite burger places in town. They still insist on having cold bread and fries are not hooray, but the rest is nice AND they offer caffeine free Coca-Cola. 
 Then I came home to Christmasy postcards. Silvia suggested I could imagine the red flowers are Santa Clauses. Bless the imagination, regardless of the season. 
 Then I called Pepe, who wanted to go for a walk. The walk started by tea and cookies, then a car tour to see the oldest almond tree in town, then a car tour to have dinner. 
 I got lots of inspiration for food I could make myself - not related to this at all. The least common denominator would be that both dishes are tasty.
 It was getting colder, and driving further up the mountains, to Bullas, made the temperature drop from 8 to 1.5 degrees. 
 Which is very good to practice before the trip I am starting tomorrow, to a place that might not get warmer than 3 degrees. 
In Bullas, we met with the producer of this wine - they make about 10,000 bottles per year - and talked about everything, till the clock struck past midnight and it was her birthday :)

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