Friday, 4 November 2016

Santuario de la Esperanza.

I keep touristing, but there is of course less time now since work started. So far, I have been to 12 cities methink! And would like to come back to most of them to see more than just one side, in different seasons. And how do you define a proper visit? What makes a city's soul? Two museums, that famous restaurant with a terrace and a great view and maybe a bar with some cool drinks and equally cool locals? 

This is the sanctuary of Calasparra, for example, which is a nice land mark because it is built inside a cave that was carved out by the river nearby and well, anot important sacred thing happened here. I also would have loved to publish photos of dancing friends just in front of the church, but I don't have the permission, so imagine: they spin while holding arm-in-arm, one with flip flops, one with his cap reversed.

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