Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rainy Madrid (and hardcore tourism)

 It is raining and pending between 5 and 8 degrees. Then it rains a little bit more. I am here to attend a concert and for some tourism till Monday! And well, why not throw in some fever. Things always get more exciting with a fever.
 This is across Palacio Real, the royal castle. The Almudena cathedral! (Not officially, names are always longer when official.) I was lucky because just when I entered the museum, a nun pulled out secret drawers and opened a secret door and hung in priest clothes for the afternoon ceremony and we had a chat! IN SPANISH. 
 Then I was lucky to get a permission to take the lift to the top. 
 And then I dropped by the National library museum. I spent a great amount of minutes in their shop contemplating whether people I normally send letters to would like the pop-up cards that were offered, or if it should be saved for other occasions. I caught the guard making funny faces to the staff, and the staff was friendly in more than I-am-just-doing-my-job way. Seems to be a nice work place, thumbs up! 
On the other side of the same building is the Museum of Archeology. They had this practical umbrella parking. And entrance is for free! After 14 on Saturdays and entire Sundays. I liked it heaps, go there if you have the time. 

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