Monday, 14 November 2016

let's speculate about future laureates.

I have already suggested that some day, a blog(ger) will receive the Nobel literature prize for literature. It is indeed possible that a blog can render the peace prize. If you still have doubts about the format being too informal and deviates from the concept of traditional literature, check who was awarded the literature prize in 2016.

And now I have some new data.

Xeodung Zou, I believe, will receive the prize in chemistry at some point. I have met her and I have met her husband, who was my teacher, some time ago. He is one of those social chemists, who introduced me to his son who is single, while the son was at work (they work in the same department). I assume this was not the first time. We walked around some more at the department and I found out (was told) that only when Royal School of Technology tried to recruit her, Stockholm university realised that she is a rising star, and asked her what she wanted in order to stay. (Same salary as the other party was offering.) She was offered that, stayed, and now has succeeded to synthesise zeolites. Which is a hard thing to do. She is bright, I am deadly sure she will make other good discoveries and, or, manage with other current challenges in her field.

Chemist Mr. von Heine, also at the time at Stockholm university, will probably also make it to the laureates, I was told. All I know is that two independent sources think of him like philosophers think of Rosseau (I guess; my metaphor alludes to praising). That, and that he was kind to answer my email years ago saying he could not attend the event (a fashion show for chemists, which I thought was a brilliant idea). Almost nobody does reply he or she is not coming to a humorous initiative, professor or not. And such a thing can get you far. As one of the laureates in the field of medicine said in his speech about ten years ago: "...and always, always be nice to Swedes."

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