Sunday, 6 November 2016

Lemons and Mandarines and Oranges and

 It is not really the season yet, but soon. They hang tempting and heavy and only a few can be picked. Now I know why oranges are popular decoration objects in Sweden by Christmas!
 Lemons smell sweet from the outside. 
 Finding the riped is like looking for gems among the leaves.
 Lemon trees have longer spines than roses - be careful. 
Future lemonade. 
 I know moss tends to grow in a certain cardinal direction. What about tropical plants? 
 Nature's own phone wire that belongs to a naturally grown bath sponge. 
So hungry butterfly that it ignored the camera.
 Then I cut about 0.2% of an old road open.
 I totally get what it would be like with overgrown jungle all around. 
Parts of fagottos can be made of this can, had it grown under slightly more controlled circumstances. So music has silently been growing on this abandoned road for years :)

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