Monday, 7 November 2016

In search for a prince

She hitchhiked here from Madrid! This is near a nudist beach with a name very similar to mine. Photo not taken by me.
 And then we went to Caravaca de la cruz, where we had crisps for lunch and
 this statue was very tempting for climbing.
 I believe it is recurring in more than one places.
 Stable, good.
 Statue, Silvia and I were very amused.
  Little did we know that the castle behind us would close in five minutes.
 And we would not get to see the famous jewel-wrapped cross.
 That would make us discuss how easy the protecting walls would be to climb for two tourists in 2016 compared to an army in 1416.
 But first, the joy of a cement kiss.
We touristed down the hill, lost each other, found each other. Silvia taught me the other meaning of "squat".
 Then it was time for kissing again.
 "Why are you not becoming a prince?"
"Don't you have a boyfriend?"
"Yes, but you can never have too many princes."
 Well, especially not if they went through the very complicated process of morphing from an inanimate object to a human.
And then we went to Moratalla, by a bus that was hard to catch. I liked it, the houses seem to support the mountain from not falling down. More about Moratalla and its castle some other day.

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