Thursday, 10 November 2016

Friends send me snow.

 Of course it is possible to miss the snow! Lucky me who gets snow reports almost live from Stockholm. This was when the first snow fell this season. 
This year it seems to be rich in particular. For those of you who are not familiar with this amount of snow: it gives a soft light even at night because it reflects everything, but most amazingly, it absorbs sounds and gives a specific winter-quietness.
When a Spanish friend saw this, he was worried someone could be underneath. Yes, that happens, but this is not that kind of blogpost.
It is cold too, of course. I remember that one year, I kept a snowball in the freezer and took it out during a spring party, to everybody's happy surprise. 
When it starts melting, it is not pretty - but makes me think of a new beginning, as if Earth starts over.
This is possible as well: rain and snow at once. Here you go, a riddle for the eye: is it 50 shades of white or of grey? 
And my favourite: first member of the Snow family. 

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