Monday, 31 October 2016

This makes me so upset.

We call this dubbelmoral in Sweden when you act in a contradicting way. And now, when the Department of Foreign Affairs is strongly dissuading travels to Afghanistan for Swedish citizens, children refugees from the same country are being deported back, without a safe future. Moreover, some of these children have spent enough years in Sweden to learn what safety and freedom is, and to see Sweden as their home. Other than that, Afghanistan is what political science refers to as a failed state - it lacks a stable government that takes responsibility for all of its people. So when the Swedish Minister of Migration is happy about a successful agreement between the two countries, I wonder what that agreement encompasses. Maybe he means that the paperwork was signed properly? Those children will not be received with open arms by the fractions of distant families they have left, if there is any. There is no social security system to catch them up for covering the lost years they could not attend school while being refugees in other countries or when they could not focus on studies because of the constant fear about their deportation. And how much money is Sweden saving on sending these children back? Is that what it is all about? 

Sweden, what are you doing? 

HERE is the debate article in Swedish, signed by many children books' authors and illustrators, that tells more about the current situation and give examples of two children's situation. 

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