Friday, 7 October 2016

Secrets and pigeon bellies

At the outskirts of Murcia, I discovered this tetris-like hotel from what must be the 80's. If I were to write travelling chronicles about myself with a theatrical touch, I would indicate this point as the start of My Grand Journey to Malaga and Granada over the Weekend.
Granada! Like three hours later, in only 28 degrees heat, but the houses and the roads reflect the heat and make eyes ready for a siesta right away. Some balconys here are rounded, which has a name in Spanish translated as "pigeon's belly".
Mirador de Morayma, a restaurant that is perfect to bring a date if you want to impress with views and calmness.
Glimpse 1.
Glimpse 2.
 Nice but not perfect, but that is just talking material with your date. This dish is called pork's secret, I just omit a few words from the original title.
The best attribute of the place is one of Granada's palaces that has to be booked for a visit. Non-citizens of Granada are fined by the way - that is, if you drive in a non-Granadian registered car in the middle of the city. There are cameras.
 About one hour more, and I was in Malaga. It has the highest medium temperature of Spain and is next to the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, the parking under ground has parts of the original  city wall that one can TOUCH.
 I was quite close to buying shoes! In one shop I was lucky as I asked for sandals (which are not for sale anymore, "autumn" has started so it is off season) and a lady fetched maybe eight pairs from the basement. One of them was even comfortable!
 Fun restaurant I had to take a photo of. The restaurant we actually went to was huge but cozy and we discussed educational systems and Antarctic. I had maybe the best ice cream I ever, made on walnuts and organic oranges. It's my new thing: ordering a desert, or two, when everyone else is ordering dinner. This was, as you probably have assumed, very late evening.
 You can never guess what this is! A secret window in a future friend'S apartment, obviously, but where does it lead?
 To a big space with no floor!
Exclusively for laundry :)

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