Sunday, 16 October 2016

Museum Mission: Ramón Gaya Museum

I finally found a museum where photography is not prohibited at any room!
May I present: The Ramón Gaya Museum, in the middle of Murcia, Spain. 
 I liked the roses in the temporary exhibition a lot, they are simple but not simple, cloudy but marked. There we go, transparent visible roses.
 "Is the museum big?"
"Very big."
"Can I buy a ticket, start having a look now and come back?"
"It is for free."
 I think there are four floors, and the paintings are nice, but there is not much more happening. 
 Ramon Gaya was the first to receive a Velásquez artist prize. This house was donated by a family for the purpose of the museum, but Gaya himself is from Valencia.
 Gaya, however, did not pass away till 2005.
"I will come back when I speak more Spanish", I told the man at the entrance; he had only one brochure in English and it was locked in but available for reading if you ask. Nor was there so much information about the artist throughout the exhibition, rather a focus on the art itself, and can be nice, too. 

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