Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Málaga day two and day three and day one

"Have you been here?" K. asked me. "No." "Then you must!", she said, and I said something like "This is another good reason to buy postcards, you can use them as maps and tour ideas!", but not as clearly expressed in that very moment of joy.
 The view is from a mountain with a parador - a building that used to be a private castle. 
Second floor has a restaurant recommended in Guide Michelin.
 Follow the laughs, and you might find me. And note my pants, they were highly complemented. Note the trees, they were kind of full of squirrels. Well, there were two. What palms near the beach ARE full of are small green parrots that has become a plague, as there are no natural predators and it all began with two birds that escaped. 
This is about 28 degrees in the sun. You know, just a fact, no comparison to colder countries or so ^^
So you could have a drink here and see bulls fight if you are into those kinds of things. 
 But to tell you the truth, we went here first. Why? Because we spotted it on yet another postcard and K. knows like everything about the city.
 Can you feel the pressure? At least five more people were standing watching and waiting for their turn.
And even better, some kids came and sat in the front of the letters without taking notice of anything else but themselves. Careless and free <3
 "Come and see the magnificent garden!" friend's friend said while leading to his balcony and a great view - airplanes about to land, visible exactly between the two houses across, various flowers, the wild banana...
 "No, not that. It is magnificent, but I meant something more local."
 In a local shop we acquired pottery and pastry. Seriously, we went in and out that shop... six times? Everyone got something. I discovered my pot first, for my hibiscus (promise to document and post).
 For the local garden.
Till next time in Málaga! 

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