Saturday, 15 October 2016

"I'll be back soon, I am just going to the castle"

I said, because new friend M. gave me great piece of news last week: I could be living in a castle. You see, my town once had a castle, and it's stones were used to build houses nearby. My house is nearby! It is old! Chances... exist. By the way, there have been several shootings outdoors all day now: probably to make the afternoon rain go away and save the plants, as it can rain ice, safe source says.
Good excuse to use my new shoes and see the ruins.
Everything is so close, you just spot the highest hill and aim there. Pass by the church (we have at least four) and follow the sign that says "castillo".
 And I actually also wanted to know what "that glass building" was too. This is the view from that point, and it wasn't somebody's house.
It was a place for selling tickets to performances at this odeum!
While I was amusing myself with views and pieces of the castle, safe source wanted to join my whereabouts. To find me, he had to whistle Sinatra.
 We decided to follow this path, visible from the ruins.
 It abruptly ends here,
 with a view of a river
 and what must have been a mill and the mill-man's house.
 It was like a Katy Perry song: hot and cold at once.
So lovely to have all this just around the corner. 

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