Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Films I would like to see some time soon

Mr. Gaga. 
It is top notch according to a Swedish reviewer, but I fear it could sometimes be hard to watch like the film that meant to cherish Piña was.
The Lobster. 
The synopsis does not sound appealing, more scary, but friends who have seen it are lyric.
What we do in the shadows. 
A mockumentary from New Zealand about cohabiting vampires who have to pay rent.
A Monster calls. 
It reminds of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in the sense that it is from a child's perspective. Beautiful photo.
Another beautiful film, about an Italian island where refugees go. Fishermen are forbidden to offer lift, but being human comes before bureaucracy. 
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Anna Odell made herself a name when faking a suicide trying to jump off a bridge, continued to fake it even when the police came and it all turned out to be performance art that was part of the examination for her school of arts. This is her debute as director based on true events, except that in reality she was not even invited to her class' reunion. The shootage has been highly acclaimed, but as you might know, it is not an easy film to watch. 

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