Saturday, 29 October 2016

Briefly in Yecla: tasty pizza and dangerous clowns

 My first time in Yecla started with estimations: my GPS stopped working. "Jana!" said a voice. I looked up: it belonged to Cécile who sat on her porch smoking and waiting for me. Luck and estimation combined!
 Wifi party! The flatmates didn't talk for two days straight once they had internet again. I completely understand. 
 We went out for a walk uphill.
 Surprisingly, Yecla has zero castles, but the surrounding villages offer some.
 Landmark. On this hill, two teenagers came out from a garage warning us for not going higher because people dressed as clowns cut people with knives. ("Should we call the police?" "They won't come.") Seeing we were slightly suspicious this might be a joke, the girl and the boy tried to convince us why we should avoid the road up: there was no light. They also brought out some equipment to show that they protect themselves with. The guy was friendly waving with his sharp knife till I told him off in my non-Spanish, and when he folded it, the movement looked very...professional. We decided to back down: better to be safe and a fool than just a fool.
 Experimenting with artistic photographies. 
And: introducing Cécile! Cécile is holding an expensive but tasty dish from Telepizza. We live one hour apart by car.

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