Sunday, 2 October 2016

Breezing through Cartagena, Cerdanya and Playa de Calblanque

Hello and welcome to tonight's blogpost about my brief visit to Cartagena and Playa de Calblanque. Many Swedish readers are probably happy: Calle (which is a common Swedish male name) is the same as "street" and hence written everywhere. 
Cartagena is in the south of Spain and has a proud people: the city has a natural bay and at least three milenniums of history, a proud source says. Moreover, one of the modern submarine inventors lived here: Isaac Peral. The new sports center here looks like a submarine, for example.
It also has a nice restaurant that TripAdvisor recommends as "excellent". Run by a family since 15 years and new meals every day. Cerdanya is the name.
Then the trip continued to Calblanque, that has a natural and protected beach with perfect weather  for selfies. No, kidding, it is the sand here that is wonderful and the Mediterranean warm till sunset, then it goes cold within minutes. I also would like to write about my night trip here, with stars reflecting in the salt reservoirs nearby, but that story mainly has one conclusion: don't go here at night. There are snakes and lizards officially and with the torch off, it is cool to see the white waves in the dark but also scary to not know where to set your feet.

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