Thursday, 6 October 2016

And now - some bureaucracy.

 Paperwork part one! This is for medical health care. Opening a bank account cost two hours, so this was a piece of cake in comparison. 
 Office is yellow and nice, with a fountain in the front. 
 I thought this was "home sweet home" or similar, but of course it said "wait here for your turn".
But, I also had to go to the education consejerija and tomorrow to the police to get and sign all the paperwork needed. Nice office view, right?

A fair guess: when entering the Spanish bureaucracy, take three days off. One day is dedicated to find the right office and ask what papers you need to bring; second is to go to the next office to complete your arrend but find out that particular office is closed; third to complete the matter. You could of course be lucky and make it all in one morning, but then knowledge of Spanish, orientation skills and helpful people are quite essential. And always, always stay calm <3


  1. You should have taken some sun flowers selfi picture :) there are just behind you!
    ...Espere a que se le asigne mesa...was for them :P

  2. :p I was thinking to do that actually!