Friday, 21 October 2016

An outfit.

 This is in Sweden! Louise and I tried her camera and then started an eternal discussion (in a good way) about what is sexy and not and what is a good photo and not.
 It was actually getting a bit chilly this August day. Quite amusing to compare it to Spain in the end of October. 
 Backdrop is a mill at Waldemarsudde, Stockholm. 
This top is great. Classic, for meetings as well as the opera. 
 Same for the skirt.
 Surprisingly, not everybody knows what "pleated" means.
 The tree with the black aperture is super duper old, bottom part is even fake, of concrete, and an iron grid keeps it together. Prince Eugen liked coming here and I have been here reading an entire afternoon, it is nice with the nature and the water and the museum seconds away.
 Balance in life is important. 
 Wishing well, pun intended. 
All photos by Louise. 

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