Thursday, 27 October 2016

Alfonso XIII:s water (pine edition)

This is two somewhat hours in the four something hours walk, right before the sun kissed me hard on my left shoulder. But let's take it from the beginning. 
I hope you like pines. There will be many pines.
Not a single lake exists in my living area. There are reservoirs, though. I looked at satellite images and estimated it to be at reasonable walking distance (real life sign said 8.5 kilometers and that was in a forest already). Foremost, I was expecting it to be on the top of a mountain and to the mountains I went. And, I had a meeting 5.5 hours later, which I wanted to be on time to. Spoiler: I made it, even with a big margin, but only allowed myself to relax five minutes at the lake. 
At one point, the pines were dead. Curiously which way the fire went, as some of the trees were in the middle of everything and still green.
This could almost be Sweden in winter, and a good setting for a Game of Thrones or Fred Flinta scene. 
House, outfit and hunting area. By this time I had met a sporty person running by in a lime yellow tight shirt and two people on a motorbike. They had the engine off, just rolling downhill, so it sounded more like a bike and made me think of ecofriendliness.
 The very modern and fresh road went through some dip-dye technique and became slightly blue.
 Aha, the house has no roof. *speculations*
 "Building up area with new bushes to cover up for the burning" in more formal language.
Great this day: the tasteful fog. Think "sun behind thin curtain". This rendered a very filmic effect in the far distance. Think "Avatar but better."
 And exciting things started happening. Bushes tastefully placed as if pearls, of course, but also butterflies and BIRDS. So small that the hunters wouldn't be bothered but with wings so powerful, I kid you not, that when lifting to escape me, THAT sounded like a motorbike that just turned the engine on.
 Two-coloured berries, let's assume poisonous.
And the oasis finally visible as a cloudy-white gem!
Nota bene: visible, not close.
 Seeing aqueducts like this, in plain nowhere, clearly indicates I am not the first to be here and that there is probably not much new to discover (in the 80's something people found cave paintings and a different type of cave under the ground, to give you a scale of discovery comparison).
 Downhill and fun.
 Long when you look back, but, still fun. (I am checking the clock all the time and soon I am out of battery but that seems a bagatell in these nature power circumstances.)
 Rainbow land!
 Years expressed in layers. I wonder what happened each time - who lived here, what did they do, was there any drama?
 At last! Let's give it an "aaah", everyone.
 It really looks like an oasis: water is slightly green and shore reminds of sand at a distance.
But, ceci n'est pas un lac. It is a water reservoir na med after... a king?
 Road among other pines. This blogpost really holds what it promised. The red stones - they are stones - reminded me of a place in Provence, France, where artists used stones of this kind to paint with. I tried the same here and all what happens is that it breaks, which explains the "sand".
 Anno 1993 or similar. I really want to see the moment when there is plenty of water here. Right now it is very difficult to imagine.
 Oh the disappointment when you reach an ordinary asphalted road that does not go in the right direction anymore. I thought this would be hard to access and I would have to balance on some bridge when getting closer? But the sign is nice and ancient.
 I googled the translation to be sure. Swimming is forbidden. I am fine with that, it is just that I have not brought any water, and...
 So close, so close!
Much more beautiful at a distance. On the plus side: untouched nature renders cool species you might not have seen close up before. And: now I can brag about this walk and speak of my pain on the way back with ardour.

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