Monday, 17 October 2016

A really nice Saturday.

Kicking off with a Medieval market where the streets are covered with hay, boxes and bowls are made of hay and anacondas are exhibited. 
Then - taking the car for lunch in Cartagena. The main reason for going to Cartagena was seeing chefs compete and eat their competition foods. Except it was cancelled today, so we enjoyed the view of that building's cafeteria instead.
 I found a candidate for my garden collection, an Australian visitor.
 Imagine a portrait of me hanging above my entrance like this! 
F. had booked a table at what must be the tastiest vegetarian restaurant in the region: La Sella.
It looks like any other house on the street. 
CD's in the ceiling give rainbowy light.
A pizza looked like a rose, another looked like a cake. The crêpes were delicious, the moussaka very tasty. I am almost drooling recalling the memory. 
 This café had not a single chair alike and even had sawn out a part of a bath tube and used it as a sofa.
Just on the edge to not fall off the balcony: brave fluffy courageous pets.
 One of the most important things I learned today was that it is a Spanish tradition from far back that is more important than celebrating birthdays: celebrating namedays. 
 And it was T's namesday! While she had a coffee with M., we ran around this market and bought her gifts which we put in this bag that we also bought. 
And all of a sudden, I got invited to a Spanish wedding! Now I have to find myself a dress, what an annoying pleasure.

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