Thursday, 15 September 2016

Sauromatum on my window sill (or: travelling with a plant)

If you don't buy drugs in Amsterdam (I was there in April), maybe you can have fun with some other plant. Voodoo bulb, people call it, because it needs no water, no soil but grows anyway. Just give it enough sun.

Five days later I had to google it. Maybe it has to get STARTED with a sprinkle of water?

That is when I found out what to expect. My goodness! This inflorescence comes with a spadix that emits a smell one does not want to have in a room, but, it can be softened by pouring water inside of it.
 But too late for regrets. 
About one month later, it started to show off.
Day 32, May.
Day 45, June.
Growing out of the frame, day 53. This is better than having chickens, it makes no sounds.
 Afraid it would bloom while I am in Berlin, I took it with me on the flight. But no worries! And it remains stable throughout always. July.
Back home, I became a bit unpatient and put it through sun therapy. It helped, but it might still not bloom for another...long time. This is still July.
More than 100 days later since the start. August.
And finally in Spain, in September. Day 140. Unfortunately, it dried out before much else happened. It was fun though, always getting home not knowing what to expect and embracing oneself for... new smells. 

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