Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Monteagudo, for Christ's sake

 "Wear ring or not?" 
"Wear. We can sell it in case the bus tickets are overpriced."
 My Spanish is excellent. To explain to the bus driver where we wanted to go, I drew a mountain with my right hand and opened my arms to a wide embrace to look like this statue:
 He understood us.
The view is ok. What I cannot get my head around is why get up all the way here and urinate. This is not a fresh place. Moreover, it is closed on Mondays. 
But that is not too big a problem, you just go to the other side to climb (and don't think too much of that you also want to get down in one piece). 
 This is how high up I got. See the dark opening? From the ground it does not look as impossible to enter. See the earthy hill to the left? It is dry clay. It is like crumbs if you touch it, just by leaning against it I could tear everything down. Rocks were bouncing down the slope. Time to go back! 
 My blouse being torn by bushes, I saw great views like this. I like the two rocks who look as if a giant excavated them right in the middle, like a choice morsel.
 I did all climbing in glittery sandals, contradicting my own advice to wear good shoes. Good news is they didn't break and STILL look fancy!
My company, who does not look the least like himself here. "You are like a 30 years old fisherman", I said, and I think it made him a bit happy.

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