Sunday, 25 September 2016

Madrid and I

 Hold on, here comes a stamp story that was made complicated because of the visit to the capital. 

At the regional post office in Murcia, in south east Spain, I asked for stamps to Europe. It was all very clear and one guy even spoke English: one such stamp for up to 50 grams heavy letters. I bought ten of them and put such a stamp on a 40 gram letter to Linköping, Sweden, and it made it all the way to my friend's mailbox smoothly. But, the next time I came to the post office, they said that in fact I needed two such stamps for a letter of more than 20 grams within Europe. Same stamp is valid for letters up to 50 grams WITHIN Spain but for 20 grams outside of Spain. Ok, now convinced I knew it all, I put one such stamp on a postcard à 0,005 kg and went to the biggest post office in Madrid. THREE people were needed to help me modify my postcard stamp and getting the right three special stamps, worth 25 cents in total, in addition to two heavy-letters-within-Spain stamps.

"Do you still like post office?" friend says with a smirk.
"Take a photo of my frustration", I reply.
 Then I went to the Parque de él Retiro, to the most beautiful glass building I have seen anywhere. The fish in the pond across is about the size of the swans but hide well and there are at least 20 turtles that all have the steady diet of popcorn and white bread.
Gran Vía and I started an acquintance. We went on at least four walks together, same spot each time.
Ministry of Education, technically my job place! 
Inanimate objects that still make a city's soul.
This is inside a shop. Museums can look less fabulous. 
 And then it was quickly time for dusk, again.  
 A hip man in dark clothes and light blue jeans set up these not so legal ads.
 Night clubs started pumping with life.
And I found a childhood shop! A greek place with sweets and cookies from the city I grew up in.

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