Thursday, 22 September 2016

"Kayaking adventures" day 4

 The company Qalat calls this kayaking. I don't, but paddles, water and views are things in common. 
We went through a protected canyon: Cañon de los Almadenes. For reference, the biggest closest city (village) is Calasparra in the more south part of Spain.
On the way: 10,000 years old cave paintings in La cueva de los Monigotes. There are more to be found, but not as much money to keep finding them.
In this area there are black wires in the air, once used for the black market.
Known as the teacher's house, but now abandoned. 
Birds flew syncronised and there were TWO WILD TURTLES.
Most of the time the water whirls are peaceful, except when the river makes a turn sharp as an angle.
Cheerful ambiance.
Presa de la Mulata is a an artificial waterfall of 10 meters that serves as a natural ending point of this kayak route.
Can you believe that the water level once was higher up than where I am standing?
We took the van back.
Steep and narrow as if only made for donkeys. Truth is that donkeys actually were used to take the lead to create roads, safe source said and laughed.
Like being in an artistic film.
The entrance. Photos prohibited. This guided route (solely in Spanish) maybe took one hour. For the more adventurous ones, you can also wire yourself down to 120 meters which takes three hours.
The exit, higher up in the mountains. Mind you, this used to be below sea level once. One centimeter of a stalactite takes 100 years to grow, and there are meters and meters of them.
The very first opening - 70 or 120 meters deep, I don't remember which. But people did get inside, and wrote things like "Seb was here -79" on the walls. Some people have also marked which parts are particularly steep by writing a pointing arrow on the wall. The "museum" kept it.
It is always a good idea to fall behind to discover things on your own and listen to the wind.
If you want to hear the sound of this view, watch the beginning seconds of "Babel".


  1. I want to kayak it seems beautiful and warm enough to throw away "the others" into the water! :-D

  2. I want to kayak it seems beautiful and warm enough to throw away "the others" into the water! :-D

  3. :D Yes, actually! Let's see if you still will be of the same opinion when you come to visit :)