Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fearless femme in church tower

 Murcia, Murcia, Murcia. I asked: what are palm trees good for? Answer: they don't need water, and give shadow. (I also plan to use parts of it as long plates, but more about that later.)
A friend is visiting. He is a terrific photographer. 
We went to see the cathedral tower together. 
 To access the clock room, my favourite kind of key is needed.
 The mechanical clockwork is not in use, however:
it is all electronic. 
 But some secrets are analogue. I can of course not tell you what it is about. Ok, a clue: whispers. 
 There are several terraces. 
 The two tower like buildings belong to a sausage company, I believe. Therefore: sausage towers.
 But it is possible to get even higher, 
 to the bells.
 They did indeed ring while we were there, but only to mark 12:45 o'clock. 
And friend and I got an idea: going to the mountain with the Christ on top - visible from the opposite of here - tomorrow. 

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