Thursday, 29 September 2016

Come along! Adventures in the Calasparra mountains

 See that mountain? We are going there.
First, we wiĺl be passing by the in comparison much smaller tv-hill with important antennas and such, encircled by two rainbows: it rains a little. 
That's the thing with trekking: always turn around to see another stunning view. *Aah*
Here starts a nature trail to Moratella,
but we are going to follow Camino del Altiplano together with the other sporty people in bright shirts only a bit,
 Calasparra to our back
 and olive trees and mountains to the right
 and even some human touch
till it is time to start mounting Saint Miguel itself.
It rains a little again and wets our hair, but that just boosts us.
 We fund vibrantly colourful lichen. It stops raining.
 Up and up. Breathe well!
 Calasparra again, and trekking people with an umbrella. It starts raining.
But these exceptional shoes can take it. Good sport shops to visit when we come back are discussed. It stops raining and starts again, we lose count after the fifth time.
 Flora <3
We remember last time we went trekking and it looked like this, which should be about ten years ago.
 Flower I wish I knew the name of, do you know?
A mix of "aaah" and "a system camera would be good to have".
Oh, this is not it? Why is it alway, always ALWAYS more high up and farther away than one thinks? Here we think about the friends who would talk us out of this path and those who would encourage us. The rain blows vertically in the right ear but just for a while.
We realise that we can see La Cañada from here! Is it that close? No, it is not, it is just the mountain impression. We try to look for the Sanctuary de la Esperanza and the Puerto caves too, but the landscape is a bit too vast for a good estimation.
If we wanted to die up here, berries are at our service.
Sun begins to set and we try to think rationally about what would be the most rational thing to do.
Then we turn around, see this cloud and text "fuck" to a friend.
It is not that it is raining, it is that it also moves fast and rains A LOT.
We need a shelter. NOW.
Then how lucky that this sacred place is at hand. It is locked, but let's see what is on the other side! Hurry up, the first drops are already reaching us.
There is only one option: to squeeze in to this opening and wait out the rain.
 From this side of the church, it all looks peaceful, but the wind blows like a mild storm through our backs as a prelude. Then, everything becomes all white-grey and you are very happy for that window. So am I.
 But the trouble is not over yet:
the sun is about to set.
 And none of us brought a torch. So we HAVE to start go back though it rains still.
One of us wants to sleep as we descend jumping from rock to rock like gazelles and why not, there seems to be zero animals around. 
We get down safe, in one piece. 
High five, let's do this again some day! 

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