Friday, 23 September 2016

Clues: Museum of Ham, football team celebrating in the Neptune fountain (yes! It is Madrid)

 Suddenly, I was on the way to Madrid. This is after having passed a landscape very famous for its flatness, called castella (almost like "castle" in Spanish), safe source says. Strange internet didn't confirm the name, but flat it was.
 First photo I took in the capital and was so lucky! This is namely the major post office with mailboxes to different parts of the world IN GOLD/bronze. I of course have bought a postcard already. (Edit: they were in use till 2007-2008.)
 And this is Instituto Cervantes. I recognised the logo before I read the name, very proud :) this institute of culture also exists in Stockholm.
 I spotted a chandelier in the yellow window right away. 
 Really liked the mirror of ads.
 And then found a popcorn shop. The salesman took a photo of me, and seriously said "try to smile" when I was already laughing. 
 So I tried.
And then came the evening. Tomorrow, I am taking you on more Madrid adventures, with more daylight at hand.

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