Tuesday, 9 August 2016

You say patience, I say origami

A thought to all jewellers out there, and watchmakers. I am impressed by your steady hands, your stoic focus on details in miniature and your patience. And those of you who make origami - just wow.

When getting involved with origami seriously the first time, you quickly get to test your skill for sitting still, read and follow an instruction to the end and being ok with redoing the folding that went wrong. More than five times. Patience, of course, can be practiced and in "no time" you will be folding dragons with closed eyes while listening to some podcast, but even at this point you will realise how time-consuming this is. Next after writing letters - writing by hand in general - origami is an activity that just swallows time, semi-hours as its own, lowest, time unit.

Also, a warning: top ranked origami videos are for some reason not necessarily the best. I recommend videos with origami papers that are coloured differently on each side, and that the video itself has a background with a colour different from the origami sheet.

My origami journey so far looks something like this:

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