Friday, 5 August 2016

The big burger experience. In Stockholm.

Phil's burger. I like the crowd that comes here. And the hamburgers, of course, and the shakes. Bread could be a bit... jumpier. Still: if the hamburger made it to this blog post, it means it is good.
Burgers and beers.
My second favourite. Avocado sauce just melts in the mouth. Sweet potatoe fries are not enough elaborated but idea is good.
Bun meat bun.
All the way at Farsta strand, but is so tasty it is worth the long trip. It looks like a fast food place, but do NOT let that fool you. It is my favourite so far. I had a gingerbread milkshake there around Christmas that was super nice too. Plus Bradley - a soft ginger flavour drink compared to the other alcohol free beverages I know of, the one from Australia.
Prime Burger.
The top reason for a visit to this place are the marvelous milkshakes. Apple pie flavour with actual apple pie in it! While the burger is not entirely thrilling, it keeps your mind off from food for six hours ahead which is a proof of good ingredients. Nice crowd, too. A bit too tight between the tables.
Gnarly Burger.
Nice atmosphere with not too many tables squeezed in, love that! (But music gets unpleasantly louder in the evening). Good ingredients, fries included. (You can skip the milkshake.) Lunches a bit cheaper than dinners. Bonus: there is a billiard room and the restrooms are funny. All alternatives on the menu can be made vegetarian.
Texas Longhorn.
A bit too salty fries, but hamburger is great. Comes with coleslaw and sauces that are nice to have. Good to know: some restaurants of this franchise are more focused on hamburgers than others, who are more, say, into delicious nachos & co.
Yes yes yes to the burger. You feel the love for the meat through the bread with charmingly uneven edges. It might be confusing that each burger is abbreviated as "HKB" - shut up burger (in Swedish). This simply means that it is meant to be so good, that you just want to be quiet and eat. But not the fries. Or the milkshake (but the ones with alcohol in them seemed fun). It is also a bit confusing that this is a mixage of drop-in place like McDonald's, at the same time as glassware and metal buckets are used. So, overall, just get the burger and, maybe, go somewhere else to eat it - the park, a friend's place etc.
Flippin' burgers.
This place one can say started the way of combining fast food and haute couture burgers in Stockholm. It used to constantly have a two hours long queue outsides, and is still very popular. I definitely like their burgers, but the meny is not offering many variations, the bread is a bit too thin and so are the finely chopped details surrounding the meat. A discrete tasty burger, in other words. Which also has its advantages. Atmosphere and music great - I would, will, definitely bring friends here. Milkshakes not that interesting. Prejudices about fries probably correct, based on their physical appearance.
Lily's burger.
My company's truffle burger made me shift opinion from "this is cozy and good but not my favourite" to "the truffle burger is what one should have!". But cozy still valid, interior is supposed to look like an American diner by the road. I had a milkshake with peanut butter and chocolate - the metal bucket to the left - and the view of the water on Kungsholmen was nice. Good for a date with a friend. Fries absolutely not bad, but no wow-fries-factor. Good indeed: after this dinner, I basically did not need to eat breakfast next morning.

Other places with burgers that were part of this test but did not make it to the list:
The earth nut mayonnaise was good though, and the mustard, and the fries (included), and that this is such a discrete place - you can see the street, but people can not see you inside, not even when entering the place (you have to round the corner and be seated for that).
Bud & Burgers.
Place is nice in the summer, partly inside a garden (Kungsträdgården) and yet in the middle of the city. Burger, however, too salty and with the ham it becomes an odd mixage between a toast and a hamburger. Some waiters ask "Is everything fine?" and hasten away without giving more time to a reply than a smile in their direction, but this man listened and said he will tell about my experience to the chefs. So, maybe better burgers soon. The waiters here hasten for another reason - being in the core of the city, your plate risk being removed as soon as you do not pay active attention to it, in order to create space for others. Just decline politely, no stress.
Actually, a nice place. Good concept with different famous chefs inventing new burgers each month and chic indoor design (barn meets city meets stylish food storage). Yet -

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