Monday, 29 August 2016

Pizzas in and near Stockholm: my top spots

Tutto Bello at Tegnérlunden. I think this place comes at its best in the summer. Fresh ingredients, a bit Swedish to its style, but good.
Avenyn at the harbour in Norrtälje. Staff is nice, harbour is near, salad bufé included. Very Swedish style.
Crispy pizza, near Odenplan 
This lovely claustrophobic place invites to interaction between customers and encourages take away. If you stay, the pizza will be served on metallic pedestals. And yes, it is very good indeed.
Vapiano (found kind of everywhere). Some people hate it; I am not one of them. Main criticism is that though supposed to look Italian, it is a German franchise and too mainstream. Well - not all pizzas on the menu find their ways to my gastronomic heart, but some of them do. And the ambiance is good, mix of friends and colleagues. 
800 grader at St Eriksplan.
Probably the closest you get to an Italian pizza in Stockholm. Very cozy atmosphere, you can wathc the entire process of the pizza making - by cute guys. Beware: opening hours, and be prepared for having to wait for a seat  (hopefully, next to a chic hipster).
En pizza i Aspudden. In Aspudden. Beetroot and smetana on the pizza? Of course. These pizzas look like colourful art pieces. Beware: opening hours. (The left pizza is from a different place.)
Giro at Sveavägen. 
It is a complicated place; Italian friends love it, the founder imports "the best pizza flour" - capita flour - directly from the Naples, and the flavour combinations are not very common (like the pumpkin cream on mine). For an out-and-out choosy pizza lover I GUESS it is awesome. I am not entirely convinced. 

Artisan pizza
is one of the few places in Stockholm that serves pizza slices. My favourite is the middle one with broccoli. You can also choose to have cold or warm pizza. Also very Italian. Small and crowded.

Taverna Brillo.
Nice earth nut pizza. Like home made, but not, in a good way.

For variation - other places
Pan Vino. I recommend the greenhouse part of the restaurant but the younger Italian staff is too sexistic and there is too little space in the main building, even nowhere to put your feet. Pizzas definitely above average.

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