Sunday, 14 August 2016

Museum Mission: Sigtuna Museum & Art

 Sigtuna Museum & Art in fact consists of three buildings. The main museum, found in this yard, 
 Rådhuset, among the smallest of its kind in Sweden  (and only open during the summer),
 and Lundströmska gården, the home of a carpenter, also only open in the summer... and closed this particular day when I came to visit. 
Sigtuna is the first Swedish town, from 980, and is a pittoresque outdoor museum in itself, with ruins from churches and bakeries with delicious pastry and to a big extent with its original structure as a city intact. In August every year, there is also a literature festival here for a weekend.
The "& Art" part is right now an exhibition about David Bowie, who deceased this spring and meant a lot to the people here, the photographer explains. (The "& Art" also encompasses a second museum in Märsta, Märsta Konsthall.)
Soon the David Bowie exhibition will be replaced with a new permanent exhibition though, and people from Sigtuna and surroundings are asked to contribute with their stories and knowledge about Sigtuna and everything around it. If you wish to contribute, visit the museum's site to get in touch with the director.
What I liked about this museum is how clear it was, like on the drawing above, that it includes children, like the chair with the sticker, and that it spreads out on different floors, directions and has entrances from two sides. The variation and the work behind it - top larks. 

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