Tuesday, 2 August 2016

MORE of Berlin

Cool building called Bierpinsel. Currently empty, but used to be a club that now needs renovation. Speculation is that a club where Lady Gaga has been partying wants to own it. Time will tell. 
Cool tree in nice area. Tree: Dicke Marie, 800 years and counting. Suburb: Alt-Tegel.
More of Alt-Tegel. I liked this place quite a lot. The lady who is not me is Zandra. We don't know each other.
The mayhaps most posh subway station in Berlin. 
German botanics. 
A Mexican place which serves semi warm burritos and call them hot. Good to have on a hot day to cool off.
I liked Potsdamer platz: the subway station's name is written with Harry Potter style letters, it is like a big indoor shopping centre but outdoor, there are several museums around (at least three: about spies, art and Dalí) and parts of the Grand Hotel Esplanade are preserved behind glass on the walls' initial spot.
Also Potsdamer platz. Not everything is easy to explain.
U1 is the oldest subway line in Berlin and often follows the river. Can be used as a guided tour. Make sure to look by the window on both sides. The station with a prince in its name is very castle-like and pink and nice.
Colours can kill. This is a rathaus, and being inside is like being inside a school from 1920 when teachers hit the children or a movie from The Second World War. So gloomy, no variation in architecture, endless corridors. But the entrance and the windows near the first floor are nice - they made me enter, after all.
Pass by this place with not too thrilling music and behind it is a beer garden.
They have strawberries in the air! Sofas and disco balls and poisonous mushrooms nailed to the wall (not real ones) and a dance floor with cameras forbidden in order to, as the sign says, focus on the dancing. :)

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