Wednesday, 10 August 2016

If a disco ball was a liquid in a sunset

 Gorgeousness all over the place! 
 The sun and the hair and the pailettes and
 AND, these are trousers! Not a skirt! And translucent. 
I mainly use the top for winter purposes, as it is incredibly warm.
 This nice hairstyle lasted for a couple of minutes.
 A painted portrait of this, what do you think? 
 Mimicking statues in nature, a new paradox.
 Total joy over here and on the other side of the water, where there is an amusement park.
 Photographer's favourite #1.
Photographer's favourite #2. None of the numbers are actually ranked.
 Art museum style.
 Some poses were spot (hehe) on;
 because the camera focuses often of what we first don't see.
 But we style as we lust, and spice it with property found at the locations which attract us. 
Like this treasure box. Bling with the bling!

Photos by Louise.

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