Wednesday, 3 August 2016

"I found a fantastic man! Oj oj. I am attaching him."

Time for another overview of received postcards! This is a singing and burping one, from the U.S.A. It dropped on the floor by the mailman and started hurling, scaring everyone in the apartment. As the sender expressed it inside: "Jana, I know you will absolutely hate it, but it is so typical American that I had to get it for you."
The attached men were from London, but also happen to be lost men. Here are two swans from Linköping instead.
This is such a small postcard in real life that I have made recepients wonder why it does NOT get lost on the way. My question is, how is it possible for a mailman or post services to lose ANY parcel or letter? And that does happen from time to time. 
Summer feeling, Mmm.  

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