Monday, 1 August 2016

Every book ever written by Mhairi MacFarlane

First I was proud to say that I had read all this author's books: she had only written one, and I loved it. But then it turned out she had written two more. And while I was reading what I thought was the last one, she had the time to write and publish yet another. This either indicates me as a slow reader or her as a fast author and her publishing house the fastest in the world, but: I loved "You had me at hello", and that is where our journey starts.
I even read it again. And again. And again. Quoted an entire page to a friend over the phone. In Swedish, though. At the end, MacFarlane had a message for her readers: that she spends a fair amount of her young life's time explaning how her Scottish name is ACTUALLY pronounced, and thanking the reader for having purchased the book. And I hadn't! So I went to buy a new title to sustain her to write more. Having found the first book as a recommendation on a book blog, I trusted the blog's writers blindly when they said MacFarlane gets funnier and better with every book. Not completely true insofar, but I got my hopes up with "Who's that Girl?" which, at last, I was reading in the original language. And I loved it. The wit, the language, the characters many layers. I would read it day and night, even when the train was filled with screaming singers celebrating the Pride parade, and they were so noisy that a) the driver thanked them for stepping off the train when they stepped off the train and wished them a good night b) the stranger across complimented my efforts to have persisted on the reading despite the singing.
By the time I publish this blogpost, she probably has had the time to publish yet another book. Stay tuned. 

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