Saturday, 27 August 2016

"Dear Life" ("Kära Liv och Caroline") by Liv Strömquist

People ask questions, these smart friends answer them. They have a podcast, too. Very well-written, a good read. Some pre-feminist knowledge required. Of course, no need to agree with everything. ("Liv" is a female name in Swedish, which also means "life".)

Some rephrasing (so the quotes are similar in content but not identical translation):
"What is the most rasist thing you have ever done?"
Liv: "Among many everyday, priveleged things - bying a kebab for 30 crowns, when it is clear that those who made it earn 10 crowns per hour."

"I don't like shaving my legs, but find it more visually appealing. What to do?"
Liv: "Maybe you can just shave one leg?"
Caroline: "How terrible that it is up to us what you should do about your legs? I have not shaved my legs since I got a boyfriend :("

"How does a typical work day look like for you?"
Liv: "Wake up and cry."
Caroline: "I have [breakfast ingredients], then I go to work like any average Swede."
Liv: "Kidding, me too."

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