Friday, 12 August 2016

Berlin - a guide. Quick and honest

The best part about Berlin is that you can just omit all guidebooks and particular recommendations of where to go and what to visit by simply going to particular areas. In Mitte, Kreuzberg and Kollwitzkiez, you will quickly find favourite streets and always stumble upon cafés, restaurants, hip boutiques, happenings and to a various extent famous buildings.
One such favourite street is Kastanienallee with surroundings. 
Another way to discover the city is going to the TV tower, zoom in at cool buildings and look on the description - there are explanations of what you see in text inside the tower - and go there.
To cover as many shops and people as possible, start from (around) this construction - Brandenburg Tor. From here, you can walk on the shopping street Otten der Linden - in both directions, this is important - and also go to the big park Kiergarden, and visit the Bundestag, which also has a view of town. For free. But you either need to book a tour online, or queue for a time when you want to go. Kurfürstendamm and the area around Zoologische garten is my preferred shopping and tourist street. If you want to have picknick at a grand place, Tempelhof is the spot. It was kind of built to show the greatness of Germany. Bring a sun hat. 
Some places, though famous, places are so-called tourist traps. This is a well-known breakfast at Café Anna Blume. Don't do it, it is not planned well enough.
Ritte is too small of a river to be exciting. When you cross it on a bridge, the bridge is normally so much more bigger that you do not even notice the water. But following any river is a complitely different matter. Then you can find parked lakes and maybe find more locals than tourists.
Parked lake...
...with surroundings.
And do look for broschures to keep up with the latest cultural events. 

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