Tuesday, 16 August 2016

"Bad Feminist" by Roxanne Gay

Roxanne Gay is not bad, that is a joke (almost) to create awareness: there is no one mold for what a feminist is and what questions she or he find most important. 

Dr. Gay creates a lot of awareness, in fact, even if I do not agree with her on everything, like the discussion on the film Niceville.

Other things unite us. She quoted the summary book on the destinies of the characters in the book series "Sweet Valley High" which I also fancied in my teens, and the passage she chose made me laugh so hard that people were turning around to see what was happening. Best was: when I finished laughing and continued reading, I found out that she, too, had laughed so hard that people wondered what was going on. 

It was also interesting, because it is baffling how incompetent and uninformed some politicians are, to read about abortion laws in Texas, USA. In order to make women change their mind, suggestions have been made to first force these women do a vaginal ultra sound while the doctors have to say everything about what the ultra sound shows - as if, Gay points out, the woman who has decided to settle for an abortion has not thought this through carefully already. And it made me reflect: men making laws about the female body, without knowing much about it, what a thing! Todd Akin from Missouri, a political candidate against abortion, proclaimed that in case of a 'real' rape, the female body knows how to shut down the system - and he is not alone for having said things of a similar kind. This is just opinion-based and made up; what about women making laws on male bodies, based on the female beliefs what should suit the men better? The men would protest. No doubt. Loud. And make sexist comments. Newspapers would go bananas. But they don't go bananas about abortion questions, though they should, because it is the woman's right to decide over her body and should stay that way. For each new American election, focus on something else. Like migration. Less racism. More literacy.

Three main things about feminism:
Care more, respect each other more. Not just surviving the day - make things better till it lasts.

Men have to care more about women and their rights. "Womanly stuff" are not boring - if you as a guy think that, then you don't know enough about them. And women have to care more about women too. Of course.

Be updated. Please. Always. If you judge, get your facts straight first to make a proper judgement. Be prepared to change your mind if additional, important information comes to light. Stay updated.

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