Sunday, 31 July 2016

The lady and the Spanish heat

The following is official: I am going to southern Spain to be a teaching assistant in English for eight months. So far so good.

But what about the weather? Let me quote what people have said and I think are problems:
"It can be 54 degrees in September." (Celsius scale.)
"I have been to Spain. 47 degrees is hell. You stay indoors between 8 and 14."
"We were there for six days and there was not a single cloud. Blue sky, blue sky and, blue sky. The wind blew once."
"My [Swedish] sister and her family have an apartment in Valencia. They have never been freezing so much during the winter. The houses are designed to take heat, but they don't do winters well."

So having intially thought that I should focus on lightweight dresses and that I will MAYBE need a pair of lined boots, just in case, and mostly for my Sweden visit, the climate turned out much more complicated. What I do not like in particular is freezing at home. Also, I saw two men that were wiping sweat of neck and face with fancy handkerchiefs yesterday. It is like being a fashion agent for heat: I liked it and I am getting it.

35 degrees is my record in heat experience and what I think I will be doing is: changing clothes several times a day. Sleep in the middle of the day (happened in warm Italy). Wear sunscreen, long sleeves, straw hat, sunglasses. Not touch unnecessary metallic objects. DRINK. Check the UV index.

Any other advice?


  1. Ja till alla dina tips. Undvik att vara i solen på dagen. Och skaffa AC hemma! (Ingen aning om ifall folk gör det där borta?) Men man vänjer sig också. Här var det inte under 30 en minut förra veckan och inte under 20 sen jag kom hit, och jag lever än. //Mvh Manhattan

  2. Yes, AC är antagligen lika viktigt som vatten. Undrar hur lång tid det tar att vänja sig dock? Любовь!