Monday, 11 July 2016

Park Sanssouci in Potsdam (yes! go here! your lust for castles will be satisfied!)

Where do I start? There are so many castles and semi-castles and castle-inspired buildings in Potsdam, that one indeed castle-like building even has "ceci n'est pas un château" written on it. (Almost observable in gold behind me on the pink wall if you zoom in.)
I recommend to rent a bike and preferably not go here when it is too sunny, if you wish to survive and enjoy the views fully. Potsdam is 20 minutes by train from Berlin, and the bike company we used is two streets behind Potsdam station.
 Here, wine grows in the air. 
And the castles&co are so numerous, that it is like seeing villas standing next to each other. With slightly bigger distances inbetween, it is still about bragging and showing off and some buildings and statues are gifts from one royalty to another.
This is such an example. 
 Combination tickets available. For additional 3 €, you can purchase a "photograph ticket" and take photos inside. Since places are big, make sure to be here early in the morning when they open to nother stress exhibitions through. 
Most don't close until 17:30, and are not open on Mondays, of course. 
Speaking of bragging! See - Prussia just lost the 7 years war, and king Friedrich the great had to build something to 1) show his wealth to his people so that they would not revolt 2) show that the country was going strong.
So he had no choice but building this fucking castle. Not my words - I met the householder of this castle who revealed many details. That most of the colourful red bricks are just paint, for example. And that this is a sinking ship: soil too unsteady and materials too cheap. Not all of them - you will find a marble floor à 90 tonnes and one of the coolest halls I have been to, decorated with various ample gemstones and 250,000 seashells. 
Unavoidable: endless restaurations.
This was,  behold, the home of the servants. Found just across Neues Palais.
It is united by this hallway with a copy of exact the same construction which was the kitchen - today, part of Potsdam university.
There are in other words seminars here. Good that castles are made use of!
So when the last emperor of Germany had to step down the tone in 1918 and fled to the Netherlands, he brought with him 59 train wagons of personal belongings.
Most famous is not Neues Palais but the Schloss Sanssouci, though:
Also with winegrapes en masse - everything green below Sanssouci is grapes.
In the neighbourhood: burned down in the 1990's, restaurated to look like 1700's again. 
Do tell if you pay this park a visit! :)

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