Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Museum Mission (super secret): the tower of Storkyrkan

 Let me show one of the most unknown museums in town. See the tower? That is Storkyrkan ("the Big church").
 This one. This clock shows the official time of Stockholm, but being metallic, it moves a little slowlier in the winter and faster in the summer, making the royal guards below grumpy because it it makes their lunch late. The small, round window underneath the hourplate shows the previous height before the construction got elongated. 
"We will climb many stairs. For that you need good legs and a good heart. This is the last warning!"
So we climbed.
And climbed.
 At this "floor", a small door was opened and we were able to look down.
 This part of the tower was namely used for food storage, because the rats could not climb up here. 
 This crane would be rotated to wind the food up.
 We would pass several items that either once was used and left here, or still in use.
These ropes, for example, were used to pull the bell. Criminal women couldchoose either going to prison, or work here. Yes, they got deaf. 
 I got to cling (ring) this 6,000 kg bell. Last time it rang for real was in 2010, when the crown princess got married. 
But it is not the bell being pushed, but a wheel that drives the push.
There are several bells, actually. The left one was made for princess Margareta. The right one, same as above, rang for two weeks straight when Gustavo II Adolpho died in 1632.
 To know what our guide is pointing at, go here. Open in July, on weekdays, 14 and 15 o'clock.
 One can hear this metallic organism ticking far before seeing it. But it was not as big a surprise as this:
 We were allowed to go out on the rooftop! 
 I probably took 50 photos. 
 I will make postcards of this and print. Maybe.
Even if it had rained, it still would have been magnificent. 

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