Sunday, 24 July 2016

Lately in Stockholm

I am back in the capital of Sweden, but Berlin posts will continue coming for some more time. Here I am captured in the middle of building what internet translates as shooting range, for tiny glass balls. My generation from Swedish schools knows exactly which ones. This is an eco-friendly interpretation of the sliding part, though. When we tried it even more outdoors than just from a balcony, one of us said during the transport "So here I am walking my anaconda. She is a bit stiff and shy." Neighbours were curious and were invited to look at the creation from the ground and up.
Martin and I took photos of my outfits, I know some of you have longed for those. Now I also know that 16 GB equals 764 photos, at least on his camera. Martin is so funny - waves with his foot while lying down. I laugh, of course, and the photos become great.
Club Nouvelle had its second meeting and I inaugurated the picknick sheet (?) for the first time. AND we found out that mixing "apple must" (more dense than a regular juice) with non-alcoholic cider is a great taste combination.

And, this blog's number of readers is accelerating. Huge numbers. Either I have an insane fan base in Russia, or there are proxyservers displayed somehow. If you are a new reader - welcome! You are in the good company of readers from Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Brasil, Côte d'Ivoire, Ukraine, USA and many others.

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