Friday, 8 July 2016

I'm in Berlin! Right now!

And this is Brandenburgen Tor. The entire street behind it was shut off for tonight's football game:
there were enormous TVs and maybe 30,000 people came to watch. 
Germany lost (I had hoped to hear that one scream when they make a goal, but alas), so a friend went to an abandoned house to see ghosts. People are different! I might be one of them myself next week - but it will be a guided tour, in daylight.
Involuntary, I was dressed as if I wanted Germany to win. That is not true: I always hope for the winning team to win.
Louise and I are not doing hardcore tourism with every minute planned, so Checkpoint Charlie and other famousnesses are to come. Focus has been more on every day Berlin. 
 There is an entire shop with focus on this special man. 
Patriotic. And the finale on Sunday would have been a national feast. 

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