Wednesday, 20 July 2016

German snapshots and not as German reflections

What I found most frustrating initially was the time I had to dedicate to travel from one point to another. Only after two weeks did I start recognising stations and places well enough to only have a quick glance at the map. Map had to be used for natural reasons: I always wanted to go somewhere new.
I would not say I learned German, but I understand it much better now. Very many words are similar to the languages I already speak, mainly Swedish, so when talking to the oldergeneration, that in my experience do not speak English hardly at all, it is actually better to speak Swedish.
Expectations and experiences were usually completely opposite. And the best way is mostly not to look the place you want to go to online, but to call or take a flyer. Flyers are up to date and found everywhere if you just look for them.
I enjoyed the weather enormously. Warm even in the evenings (to those who might object to this, once you will have experienced the Swedish summer you will understand my optimism. Foe the rest of the week, it will be 28 degrees in Stockholm, but it is still not warm enough at nights and often windy). The few hours it becomes chilly, I have for example added a blouse (!) and felt it become much warmer.
Art is widespread here, and for each new building project 5% of the budget should be given to artists for decoration. Some businessmen try to shrug at this, saying oops, we did not know, and there is no complete list of all the artists that have added a colourful touch to the walls - but there is a jury that votes for which artists should be chosen for the task of decoration. It is a competition open to all artists world wide, so feel free to join.

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