Thursday, 21 July 2016

Following the treasure map Ilo made for us.

The orange parts are officially cozy and worth a random stroll. The ink marks were for me and Louise, based on our interests. The idea: we will know what the cross means only once we stand in front of the right building. 
We started the journey a bit more north though, to see more of the official coziness. Came to the conclusion that the coziness was definitely there,  but that it probably alters decade by decade. And so we stumbled upon this bakery, Zuka! 
"There is more going on here, with crispy flakes in the middle", the man at the counter said when I asked for chocolate differences and advice.
Also this Mann bäckerei was a good discovery. Remember that food is much cheaper than in London or Stockholm. Compared to the latter, sometimes  by about 70 %.
And when having found a vegan ice cream just as the map indicated, appeared Ute, an artist that covers all her bikes with flowers to make people smile. 
More flowers await to be added, though. 
On we went and found a paper shop which also does book reparations. I found elegant envelopes to send from Spain when I go there, which is soon.
This is the name of the shop if you want to visit. 
"Yes, only one window please, and only on the fourth floor."
And more flowers, as stalagmite curtains! I had a friend who unhappily said "you will always be poiting at flowers and make it sound important." We are not friends anymore. Flowers are important. 
This was a bonus view when looking for the map's next mark. So was the blue elephant, not displayed here.
Independent paper and book stores are so good that they can be on a treasure map twice. Thörner I had actually managed to find on my own the previous week. 
End destination: a store that from a distance looks like a café with many empty tables in front, but sells wood. Chairs, hassocks, some sculptures, carvings, sets made of sesam and mango trees, imported from India and Indonesia. The floors are also wooden. My favourite was a stem cut in two and used as an uneven table. PERFECT for a family that wants more space. Not so easy to bring it along on the flight, though. 

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