Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Favourites in Berlin - the do's

Do note how beautifully this German lady matches the umbrellas from the market. Do note that on a hot day, you might want an umbrella of your own.
The rainbow colouring happened (happens) at Charlottenburg park, where Thailandese food is served around lunch on Sundays. Dumplings is nice of course, but look for new dishes too. I had a rice desert wrapped in banana leaves and it was lovely.  
Proceed to the Mauerpark market. They have public caraokee, a crazy robot (sometimes), french fries fried not one but three times, cool teas and cool pens with many of the designers present themselves. Not all of them are there every Sunday. Have an early dinner here or just snack your way.
Continue along Bernauer Straße for memorials of the wall.
On your way, you may see this creative alternative to curtains. 
In a completely different part of the city: The Jewish museum. Takes 2 hours to walk through and longer if you stay and read and look more carefully. I especially enjoyed the bottom floor in the new building.
Across the street is the independent library and this super calm diaspora garden.
Check out the street art. It is hard to escape and often made by professionals when there are big, open wall areas like the next last one.
When night falls, go to Kreuzberg. This club has many events and people talk about it, so probably worth a visit.
The main focus could just as well be on the Kreuzburger. The ambition happen between the breads. You can have it organic if you like! Like many other, though trendy, places, bread is not home-baked and the french fries imported from some other store, but those are details. 
The next day, you could have a walk around the Bundestag and Brandenburg Tor. 
Visit the church at Zoologische garten, and the numerous shops next to it. Make sure to get lost on the small streets next to the big ones, find a bakery (Zuka with its only focus on pastry could be one) and make someone happy with a postcard.

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